The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams

CD – Lightyears From Home (2006)


GALACTIC ANTHEMS: Lightyears From Home, A Galactic Anthems Sampler, Vol. 1


A collection of tunes from the last three ambient/electronic CD’s of Galactic Anthems, ranging from energetic EM to deep space ambient

“Lightyears From Home” is the first of several sampler CD’s from Galactic Anthems. Covering the most recent three ambient/electronic releases of Galactic Anthems, “Lightyears From Home” includes tracks of deep space ambience, energetic EM, and melodic EM.

The track list:

1 – Transmigration (from Subterranean Transit)

2 – Sunrise At Sheep Pass (from Abstract Circuitry)

3 – Orbital Bop (from Galactic Anthems)

4 – The Ferris Adagio (from Semper Fidelity)

5 – The Uninvited Guest (from Subterranean Transit)

6 – Midnight Mist (from Galactic Anthems)

7 – Conversations (from Subterranean Transit)

8 – Quietly Dreaming (from Abstract Circuitry)

9 – The Enchantment (from Abstract Circuitry)

Galactic Anthems has been named “The Unsigned Artist of the Month” in the August 2007 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Here’s the link to the article:

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