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CD – Subterranean Transit (2005)


GALACTIC ANTHEMS: Subterranean Transit


Motion, propulsion, movement, and then peace and resolution

pro*pul*sion n.

1. The process of driving or propelling.

2. A driving or propelling force.

Subterranean Transit starts with the track Transmigration, with its three distinct sections of varying intensities. Streamlined drives forward with hard pounding percussion and elegant synth harmonies. The title track, Subterranean Transit is all about propulsion, with moaning musical shapes floating over a churning electronic percussion track. A visit to The Palace of Canesh transports you to an exotic land of varying ethnic melodies and heart pounding rhythms! Tunnel Vision features floating crescendos of chords over another propulsive percussion track.

e*the*re*al adj.

1. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible.

2. Highly refined; delicate.

3. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly; not of this world.

The mood gets more mysterious as The Uninvited Guest starts to move the album towards more ambient directions. Clouds is a look at weather patterns, at first sharply distinct but as the track goes on they start to blend together into more indistinct shapes. Conversations feels like you’ve overheard something not quite human. With the sound of a summer Colorado thunderstorm in the distance, Carousel of Dreams evokes the feeling of being half awake and half asleep. The deep space drone Europa Mission concludes the album.

Writing for the Sonic Curiosity web site, Matt Howarth had this to say about Subterranean Transit:”There’s a considerable amount of power and authority in this music. Half of that vitality comes from the demonstrative percussion that propels these tracks, but a fair degree is directly attributable to Adams’ epic compositions and his robust performance.The electronics are potent and captivating. Stalwart keyboards pummel the audience with sweeping chords and dynamic expressions. Nimble fingers evoke invigorating melodies from the keys. This stuff is deeply rooted in progressive sensibilities, so the riffs are complex and vibrant. Contemporary electronic stylings are employed too, generating expansive textures and haunting cycles, but the bulk of the tuneage is comprised of commanding keyboard intricacy.”

Galactic Anthems has been named “The Unsigned Artist of the Month” in the August 2007 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Here’s the link to the article:

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Tunnel Vision

Subterranean Transit

The Uninvited Guest

Carousel of Dreams

Europa Mission

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