The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams

CD – Before The Drone (2004)




14 tracks of synth-driven, electronic, instrumental prog-rock with occasional modern classical overtones and even guitar on a couple of tracks

Matt Howarth, writing for the Sonic Curiosity web site, had this to say about Before The Drone: “Galactic Anthems is Glenn Adams, a Colorado based independent composer. This CD from 2005 offers 55 minutes of explosive progrock.The pieces on this release were recorded from 1987 to 1994 and represent the kind of music that infused his compositional capacities with such overwhelming verve. Joining him on two tracks is Dan Ciarfalia on pyrotechnic guitar.Here, Adams exhibits a different side of his creativity with instrumental progrock tunes that rock with strapping power. Stunning keyboards deliver robust melodies capable of bringing down the house with their remarkable zest. Marching riffs belt out with astounding scale, dwarfing the earth itself with their monumental proportion. Majestic pinnacles resound with monstrous puissance, transforming every instant into a sonic epiphany.The use of textural electronics is pretty minimal here, with the majority of the music existing in a far more dynamic territory. Complex riffs surge and frolic, evoking a festivity of grand scope. From the mystical portents of “Dragon’s Lair” to the plunging voyage of “Orbital Burn” (which is reprised in “March of the Organic Robots”), Adams applies his compositional mastery with surprising ease as he conjures distinct moods of fantastic demeanor.Adams’ epic percussion escalates everything to even greater heights. The rhythms pound and blast with relentless verve, injecting spunky animation to an already frenetic medium. Dramatic tension abounds.The guitar sears like a blazing sun, imbuing the tracks with ceiling-scraping ecstasy. There’s even a touch of surf guitar hiding in the mix.Fans of outstanding progrock will not be disappointed.”

Galactic Anthems has been named “The Unsigned Artist of the Month” in the August 2007 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Here’s the link to the article:

MP3’s (full songs)


Orbital Burn

Far Away Places

Level 3

Professor Putz

Dark Squad

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