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CD – Galactic Anthems (2002)




GALACTIC ANTHEMS: Galactic Anthems

Unearthly soundscapes, ethereal atmospheres, primeval drones, and evocative orchestrations that combine a wide range of sounds, textures and moods into a cohesive listening experience.

The Galactic Anthems CD begins with Spastik Teloasis, which launches you into strange and interesting new sonic territory. Moving through the void, you are transported to a smoky lounge in a distant space station and experience the space-jazz flavored Orbital Bop. Journey reminds you of your insignificance in the cosmos through the use of minimalist waves of sound over a resonant bass. Your passage through the Haunted Desert is filled with shifting soundscapes of the dark desert night.An Uncertain Future awaits you as you continue your interplanetary pilgrimage with elongated chordal streams over a subtle rhythm track. Tortured Souls unleashes wails of distress over pounding primeval drums. Midnight Mist rehydrates you with an airy molecular wash of cleansing tonality. You know you’re in uncharted territory hearing the shifting blocks of sound pass through time in Way Out There.Frozen Wasteland leaves you as cold as the vacuum of space itself with eerie tribal drums and the cries of the solitary wolf. A visit to the Black Nebula awakens the senses with an array of tingling pulsations with subtle suspension. And Distant Memories evokes peaceful, calm feelings of time spent near an ocean.

Excerpt from the review by Dene Bebbington of the Wind and Wire website:”Galactic Anthems is a great album, sure to appeal to ambient and spacemusic fans. The music has a dark edge to it in many places but don’t let that put you off. I highly recommend it.”See the full review here:

Excerpt from the Eclectic Earwing review by Hannah M.G. Shapero:”This is one of those rare albums that I like immediately on first playing. Its sound is familiar vintage synthesizer spacemusic, but those swoops, chords, bleeps, and beats are in the hands of a clever, humorous, inventive professional….It’s the work of someone who knows his electronic heritage and has obviously had a lot of fun working with it.” Read the full review here:

Galactic Anthems has been named “The Unsigned Artist of the Month” in the August 2007 issue of Keyboard Magazine. Here’s the link to the article:

MP3 Excerpts

Distant Memories

Haunted Desert


Midnight Mist

Orbital Bop

Spastic Teloasis

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