The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams

CD – Semper Fidelity (2007)




When the kidnapping of a child brings a trio of old space war buddies back together to foil the crime, they unearth a greater evil, one that threatens to rock the galaxy! How strong is Semper Fidelity when the stakes involve the corruption of honor? A unique collaboration between musical maestro Glenn Adams and sci-fi storyteller Matt Howarth. A thrilling graphic story in full color–and 55 minutes of exciting music inspired by the tale–all together on the same compact disc.”An engrossing soundscape that’s majestic, fun, intense and campy.” — Keyboard Magazine, August 2007

MP3 Excerpts

The Ferris Adagio

Cloud Surfing

Confrontation in the Cave

The Campaign to Liberate Ferris

One Last Mission

Fallen Heroes

Drowned World

The Fensi Largo

Semper Fidelity

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