The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams

Galactic Anthems On-The-Air

Galactic Anthems music has received airplay on……


Sci Fi Channel – “Van Helsing Special”

Discovery Channel – “Spy in the Wild”, “Conspiracy Files”, “Tragedy In Amish Country”

Discovery Health – “The Critical Hour”

History Channel – “Hell, The Devil’s Domain”, “Beyond the DaVinci Code”, “UFO’s”, “Maneaters”

Animal Planet – “Spy in the Wild”

A & E – “Rollergirls,” “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”

TLC – “99 Most Bizarre Survival Stories””

Discovery Times – “Yearbook – 1973”, “Conspiracy Files,” “Proof of Innocence”

National Geographic Explorer – “Swarms”, “Megastructures”

MTV & MTV2 – “Made,” “Room Raiders,” “High School Stories,” “Scarred”

Biography – “Secret Life of Vampires”

WE – “Confessions of Alien Abductions”

Spike TV – “Disorderly Conduct,” Wild World of Spike”

PBS – “History Detectives,” “Wired Science”

VH1 – “Pick Up Artist”


“Taking Lives” DVD – Featurette 4


TothWorld: The Paul A. Toth Podcast

The Big Sleep (, Harold J. Johnson

Galacticast – “In-Fold Safety Video”
Galacticast – “Babe Runner”
Galacticast – “Sci-Pride”


“Galactic Travels” on WDIY, hosted by Bill Fox

“The Drone Zone on SomaFM” – iTunes Ambient Radio Station, Music Director/DJ Rusty Hodge

“New Age Sampler” – 90 FM WWSP, Stevens Point, WI, hosted by Bear

“Star’s End Ambient Radio” – 88.5 FM WXPN, Philadelphia, PA, hosted by Chuck Van Zyl

“Inner Space” – 100.5 FM, Zagreb, Croatia, hosted by Vladimir Jovanovic

“Brainwaves” – 91.3 FM KXCI, Tucson, AZ, hosted by Roger Greer

“Night Tides” – 89.3 FM KCUR, Kansas City, KS, hosted by Renee Blanche

“Astreaux World” – Internet Radio, hosted by Astreaux

“Dr. ZzZzZ” – All ambient internet radio, hosted by Dr. ZzZzZ

“Blue Water Drift Dive” – new millennium radio, hosted by Palancar

“” – Internet radio hosted by Akhunaton

“In the Quiet” – 93.3 FM KFRU, hosted by Andre Lefebvre

“Voyager Radio” – Internet radio hosted by Harold Johnson

© 2007 Galactic Anthems – The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams