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Galactic Anthems In “My Outer Space, Vol. 2”

  • April
  • 20

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“My Outer Space” is a project that musicians from all over planet Earth participate in. Each musician or band provides his best or an especially composed song for the CDs you can download for FREE. I’ve submitted an unreleased track called “System Sentinels.” Check out My Outer Space here.

New Tracks Uploaded to MySpace

  • December
  • 29

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Two new tracks have been uploaded to MySpace.”Cloud Surfing” is an energetic, upbeat track from my latest CD, Semper Fidelity. “Tachyon Emissions” is a brand new track from my upcoming CD, The Unforgiving Vacuum (album name subject to change). Check them out! Feedback is always appreciated. Here’s the MySpace link;

Keyboard Magazine’s Unsigned Artist of the Month

  • October
  • 17

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After hearing Semper Fidelity, Keyboard Magazine named Galactic Anthems their “Unsigned Artist of the Month” in the August 2007 issue. Writing for Keyboard, Associate Editor Michael Gallant said: “Here at Keyboard Central, Galactic Anthems’ grand, synth-orchestrated project is a new one for us — a comic book soundtrack. Bringing to mind Amin Bhatia’s Interstellar Suite, […]

Now out! Semper Fidelity

  • October
  • 11

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When the kidnapping of a child brings a trio of old space war buddies back together to foil the crime, they unearth a greater evil, one that threatens to rock the galaxy! How strong is Semper Fidelity when the stakes involve the corruption of honor? A unique collaboration between musical maestro Glenn Adams and sci-fi […]

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